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Tarmacadam Surfacing

What is Tarmacadam?

Tarmacadam has been around since the 1830’s pioneered by John Loudon MacAdam it is an ideal choice which can be used from driveways to highways. It can be used on any surface area domestic or commercial, it can be machine laid or hand laid and it’s the best surface on the market, it’s very long lasting, hard wearing, low maintenance etc; Tarmacadam has improved massively in recent years and becoming stronger and more flexible, especially heavy duty materials being used on commercial and industrial projects with SMA and HRA. These are suitable for heavily trafficked areas such as residential roads, factory’s and are designed to with take heavy traffic, heavy plant and for example forklifts and articulated delivery lorries.

Where can be Tarmacadam Surfaced?

Anywhere! From driveways, building estates, council roads, school playgrounds, church car parks, factories, retail parks, caravan parks, golf clubs, farm roads, cycle routes, footpaths and go kart track literally any surface!

What will we do?

It all depends on the existing surface for example you have an old Tarmacadam drive which is in very bad condition, we would remove the existing surface, any weeds, roots etc would be completely removed. Then we would use a solid base to build up the driveway as far as we would need, which then would be compacted. We then can spray the surface with K1-40 bitumen emulsion to help the base and Tarmacadam to bond together. Finally, we would re-surface using a new smooth Tarmacadam which will then be power rolled until we reach an even consolidated area. We can then seal the edges with bitumen glue so no water or frost can get under the surface.

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