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Tarmacadam Restoration

What is tarmac restoration?

Over the years your driveway can look old tired and worn out, you can notice small cracks and even starts to lose colour. In this case it just needs a new lease of life, we could restore your driveway as good as new and stay looking good for years and years to come. Your faded and stained tarmac drive can be restored like a new drive was laid yesterday! 

Tarmac restoration benefits

• Makes your tarmac driveway look as good as new by restoring its colour at a fraction of the cost of replacing a new driveway
• Protects against wear and tear thereby doubling the life you your driveway
• Helps prevent cracks appearing on your driveway

Where can be restored?

We recommend to only using this on driveways and small car parks.

What will we do?

The surface will be cleaned by a blower to ensure that any dust or debris will be removed, any weeds, moss, grass, etc, will be removed by a gas burner then we will use a high chemical solution to remove any stains including oil and fuel spillages.

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