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Surface Dressing

What is surface dressing?

Surface dressing is hot bitumen that is sprayed on to the road surface followed immediately by an even application of aggregate washed and graded chippings. Which are then power rolled to insure correct embedment of the chippings into the bitumen tar. We use a high quality tar which is mixed with a rubber affect which prevents water, frost and all bad weather conditions damaging the road surface. The chippings we use are a washed Winston chip which a varies of sizes (6mm, 10mm, 12mm) and when there are embedded onto the bitumen tar you get the extra benefit of an anti-skid surface. We recommend this should be applied on a surface after its first 8years plus.

Surface dressing benefits

• Skid resistance increased dramatically
• Increases the life time on the road surface
• Most cost effective method of maintaining road surfaces
• Seals the road surface against ingress of water which is known to be one of the major causes of Tarmacadam deterioration

Where can be surface dressed?

Anywhere from driveways to highways, surface dressing is used by the council to dress the council roads all the time. It is very common to be laid on Farm Roads, Yards, and Driveways Etc.

What will we do?

The surface will be cleaned by either a road sweeper or on smaller surfaces a blower to ensure that any dust or debris will be removed, any weeds, moss, grass, etc: will be removed by a gas burner then we will use a high chemical weed killer. Any pot holes or subsided areas will be patched with Tarmacadam then power rolled so it’s completely compacted. Once again the area will need to be fully swept ready for the final stage of Surface Dressing.